Christine Holt Listed since: 17.06.2005  
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  Position:   Principal investigator   Highest Degree(s):   PhD
  Official position:   -   Date of PhD/MD:   1982
Anatomy Department, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DY. UK.
  PhD/MD mentor:   John Scholes
  Country:   UK   PhD/MD Institution:   King's College, London University
  Nationality:   British   Postdoc mentor:   Bill Harris, Colin Blakemore
  Homepage:   Postdoc Institution:   UCSD, Oxford University
  e-mail:   -   Independent group leader since:   1989
  Memberships:   Society of Neuroscience, EMBO member, Faculty 1000 member

  Discipline:   neuroscience
axon guidance, growth cone, retina, Xenopus, topographic mapping, netrin-1, Sema3A
  hottest papers:
Piper, M., S. Salih, C. Weinl, C.E. Holt and W. A. Harris. Endocytosis-dependent desensitization and protein synthesis-dependent resensitization in retinal growth cone adaptation. Nature Neuroscience 8: 179-186. Advance Online publication, 9 Jan. (2005).

Piper, M. and Holt, CE. RNA Translation in Axons. Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology 20: 505-23 (2004).

Campbell D.S. and C.E. Holt Apoptotic pathway and MAPKs differentially regulate chemotropic responses in retinal growth cones. Neuron 37: 939-952 (2003).

Mann F, Ray, S., Harris, W.A. and Holt, C.E. Topographic mapping in dorsoventral axis of the Xenopus retinotectal system depends on signalling through ephrin-B ligands. Neuron 35:461-473 (2002).

Shewan, D.S., A. Dwivedy, R. Anderson and C.E. Holt. Age-related changes underlie switch in netrin-1 responsiveness as growth cones advance along visual pathway. Nature Neuroscience 5: 955-962 (2002).

Campbell, D.S. and C.E. Holt. Chemotropic responses of retinal growth cones mediated by rapid local protein synthesis and degradation. Neuron 32: 1013-1026 (2001).

Nakagawa, S-i., C. Brennan, K. Johnson, D. Shewan, W.A. Harris and C.E. Holt Ephrin-B regulates the ipsilateral routing of retinal axons at the optic chiasm. Neuron 25: 599-610 (2000).

Hoepker, V.H., D. Shewan, M. Tessier-Lavigne, M-m. Poo and C.E. Holt Growth cone attraction to netrin-1 is converted to repulsion by laminin-1. Nature 401: 69-73 (1999).
1986-89 McKnight Scholars Award for Neuroscience.
1986-87 Alexander von Humboldt Junior Fellowship.
1991-94 Pew Scholars Award in Biomedical Sciences.
1996-98 Research Career Development Award (NIH).