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  Position:   Principal investigator   Highest Degree(s):   DM (oxon), BM, BCh, MA
  Official position:   MRC research Professor   Date of PhD/MD:   DM 1994
MRC Human Immunology Unit, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, OX3 9DS
  PhD/MD mentor:   Professor Andrew McMichael
  Country:   UK   PhD/MD Institution:   Oxford University
  Nationality:   British   Postdoc mentor:   Professor Andrew McMichael
  Homepage:    http://www.imm.ox.ac.uk/wimm-research/mrc-human-immunology-unit/sarah-rowland-jones-and-tao-dong   Postdoc Institution:   Oxford University
  e-mail:    Send Mail to Sarah Rowland-Jones ku.ca.xo.mdn@senoj-dnalwor.haras   Independent group leader since:   1995
  Society Memberships:   Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences, Fellow of Royal college of Physicians

  Discipline:   immunology
cytotoxic T-cell, HIV-1, HIV-2, HLA, KIR
  Hottest papers:
1. Rowland-Jones, S.L., Sutton, J., Ariyoshi, K., Dong, T., Gotch, F., McAdam, S., Whitby, D., Sabally, S., Takiguchi, M., Schultz, T., McMichael, A., Whittle, H.: HIV-specific cytotoxic T-cells in HIV-exposed but uninfected Gambian women. Nature Medicine (1995) 1: 59 - 64
2. Goulder, P., Phillips, R., Colbert, R.A., McAdam, S., Ogg, G., Giangrande, P., Luzzi, G., Morgan, B., Edwards, A., McMichael, A. and Rowland-Jones, S.L.: Late escape from an immunodominant CTL response associated with progression to AIDS. Nature Medicine (1997) 3: 212-217
3. Appay, V., Dunbar, P.R., Callan, M., Klenerman, P., Gillespie, G.M.A., Ogg, G.S., King, A., Papagno, L., Lechner, F., Spina, C.A., Havlir, D.V., Richman, D.D., Gruener, N., Pape, G., Waters, A., Easterbrook, P., McMichael, A.J., and Rowland-Jones, S.L.: Virus-specific CD8+ T cells differ in maturation state in different persistent virus infections. Nature Medicine (2002) 8: 379-385
4. Dong, T., Stewart-Jones, G., Chen, N., Xu, X., Papagno, L., Appay, V., Weekes, M., Conlon, C., Spina, C., Little, S., Screaton, G., Richman, D.R., Easterbrook, P., McMichael, A.J., Jones, E.Y. and Rowland-Jones, S.L. HIV-specific cytotoxic T cells from long-term survivors select a unique T-cell receptor J. Exp. Medicine (2004) 200: 1547-1557
5.Leligdowicz, A., Yindom, L-M., Onyango, C., Sarge-Njie, R., Alabi, A., Cotten, M., Vincent, T., da Costa, C, Aaby, P., Jaye, A., Dong, T., McMichael, A.J., Whittle, H.C. and Rowland-Jones, S.L. Robust gag-specific T-cell responses characterize viraemia control in HIV-2 infection Journal of Clinical Investigation (2007) 117: 3067-74

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